A Step-by-Step Guide to Building An App Like Thumbtack

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building An App Like Thumbtack

build app like thumbtack
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building An App Like Thumbtack

When we need to do something or have to buy something – “is there an application for that?” is a thought that naturally comes to our mind, as it became the habit as if applications have always supported humanity. So, if anything important is to be done – our first instinct is to search for an application. There are several applications that can help you solve your problems. All we have accepts the natural resources in abundance. There are many remarkable examples of applications from getting you the dessert you wish to eat tonight to help you clean up your house.

When it comes to performing home-related work, apps such as Thumbtack come handy. In fact, there are a number of similar apps such as Thumbtack that help to facilitate your household tasks. In this post, we’re going to address apps like Thumbtack and how you can build such an app if you want to. The benefit of such apps is that if something or anything else is going wrong in our household. And you just can’t find the right time to fix that issue, no matter how much you try to do it every single day. Now, you could simply hire someone to do your chores for you with just a single tap on your phone.

But when it comes to developing an app like Thumbtack, the price of making such an app will involve several variables. No mobile app development team can provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate without knowing the major factors of such a mobile app, such as app business logic, features, development team location and structure.

However, if you have any idea of your software capabilities, you can find the expenses for developing apps and their features below. In addition, in this article, you can find tips on app MVP, which involves prioritisation and cost of development depending on the complexity of an app.

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But let’s work out the key steps in measuring the cost of your mobile app, but first, let’s understand what Thumbtack is and how exactly it works.

Traffic Overview of Thumbtack

What Is Thumbtack?

In the USA, Thumbtack is the biggest on-demand job platform that connects a plethora of service providers of numerous industries with customers who are actively seeking their services. 

No matter what users of Thumbtack need to do, they could find the best professionals in the field. From services like clean the house, or planning a birthday party – one can hire professionals from all walks of life using Thumbtack.

In 2008, when they realised the complexity of finding a good professional in their local region, CEO Marco Zappacosta and his business partner had the thought about the concept for Thumbtack.

Nevertheless, the company was not immediately successful. Thumbtack leadership failed to obtain investments and many times had to rethink their initial approaches to leading the company. But eventually, the idea took off and today, Thumbtack provides more than 1000 services to customers and enables trained professionals in all 50 US states to make money through the platform.

Some facts about the Thumbtack app

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founders: Marco Zappacosta, Sander Daniels, Jonathan Swanson, Jeremy Tunnell.
  • Funding received: $399 Million
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
  • App Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Valuation: $1.7 Billion


How Does Thumbtack Work?

In essence, the Thumbtack app connects the clients who are searching for the best service providers to conduct their tasks qualitatively with service providers who are looking for work.

Clearly, Thumbtack has a complex on-demand service business model with two interconnected stakeholders which are both required to accomplish services.  Thumbtack connects the customers to the service providers by requiring the customers to answer a few basic questions about their exact specifications, or as the online service marketplace names. 

Thumbtack shares that information with the professional according to the scope of the customer’s job by keeping the contact details of the customers secret in order to avoid the issue of contact masking and bombarding the inbox of the customer.

Within a few hours, the curious and accessible person will inform the applicant by paying to submit the quotes by posting the job description, and then the quote will be transmitted to the customers.

The commission model can not be incorporated into the network, considering the issue of touch masking when the service provider is employed. Yet Thumbtack has an all-out solution. Unlike its rivals, it devised a new business model. To submit the quotes on the website, the service providers pay. This is how the transaction is already established and at this point of the process, contact sharing can be done.

Mostly on the basis of quote estimation, customer rating, contact data, personalised post, and business profile, Thumbtack helps clients to compare professionals. Even if customers are sceptical after the comparison, they still have the choice of hiring the best professionals by calling or texting them if they need more information about their service.

The website also allows them to negotiate the price by enabling them to plan a conversation and connect with them. And when the negotiation is completed, the professional may be hired by the clients.


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    Steps to Building An App Like Thumbtack?

    The main ways that users communicate with other users inside the app are core interactions. And core experiences are the ways users fulfil the core value of an app. For instance, Thumbtack’s core value is its searchable list of profiles of service providers.

    steps to build home service app like thumbtack

    They are crucial not only for the creation of outsourcing errand service apps but also for generating a platform-type app in general. You must check out the following processes in order to design a key interaction for your app:

    1. The Creation
    2. The Curation
    3. The Customization
    4. The Consumption

    The Creation

    If you’re trying to link clients with service providers like Thumbtack, then a searchable list of service provider profiles will also be the core value unit for your app. “Creation” is how service providers build on-platform profiles.

    But providers aren’t the only people on the network that can build value. Then jobs posted will also be value units in your application if you allow clients to post jobs. There are three sections to the Production method in Thumbtack:

    • Registrations

    A user must enter their name, email, mobile number, and ZIP code in order to register with Thumbtack. Credit card details are also required by Thumbtack to allow transactions. For enabling interactions on Thumbtack, all this data is essential.

    After enrollment, users are asked to enable push notifications to be sent by the application. They can then continue to look for the ideal professional.

    • Creating professional’s Profiles

    Professionals are asked to provide more details about themselves to build a profile. This is vital because knowledge about suppliers creates trust between clients and suppliers and can avoid scams. A comprehensive profile also makes it easier for clients to find the professional they need.

    professionals then need to set their categories of work and hourly rates. To make sure they’re the right match for a customer, they can also say something about themselves.

    • Posting Jobs

    Job or task placement is another significant feature that facilitates the core value of the app. A customer must provide for the placement of a job:

    • A short overview of the task
    • An address for the task
    • Additional information dependent on the type of task
    • The time required to execute the task

    The Curation

    Curation is about ensuring a service level that is high. For consumers, reliable service is important. But building trust is also one of the marketplace’s toughest challenges. Curation allows you to create trust.

    Here are 3 methods used by you could use to ensure trust and safety:

    • Pausing An Account

    For various reasons, a tasker’s account may be paused.

    • Using a fake number or email if a professional has registered under various usernames or identities.
    • If the qualifications of a professional have not been confirmed or if the tasker has not passed the requisite exams.
    • If consumers have submitted a professional’s results grievances.
    • If the task acceptance rate for the professional is lower than 75 percent .
    • Cancellation Policy

    In order to make sure that professionals do not waste their time if the customer cancels the task, a cancellation policy is developed. How is it function? If a client wishes to cancel an order, more than 24 hours before a professional is scheduled to start operating, they can do so. If they cancel later than that, for one hour of work, the professional anyway will be paid.

    The fact that the consumer has cancelled the assignment has to be verified in a private chat to obtain reimbursement. The support team reviews each individual situation.

    • Messaging

    Thumbtack has a proprietary framework for messaging. To guarantee the safety of users, all communications and negotiations occurring in the app are saved. All chat history can be reviewed by their support team at any time. This means that in the case of a dispute, an user and a professional have undeniable evidence of what was said.

    The Customization

    Customization is all about making it as easy as possible for a site to use. By adapting various filters that make job hunt and connections simple, Thumbtack customization is achieved. How does Thumbtack customise for users for their app?

    • Geolocation

    For apps that connect service providers and clients locally, geolocation is extremely essential. Apps such as Thumbtack and Uber use geolocation data to bring service providers to their customers in the shortest possible time. For instance, only in a certain area but within a certain distance can a tasker search for available tasks without entering information on the location.

    • Push Notifications

    With push alerts, crucial events in the application are not missed by users. For instance, when new applications are eligible, a client who posted a job will receive a notification. The professionals collect data regarding orders in which they might be involved.

    • Search Filter

    It ought to be easy for clients and contractors to locate one another in order to make an app as simple as possible. You should add filters to search through location and time required to carry out a task to help them locate each other.

    A user gets a list of taskers after presenting details about the task and a task summary. The user will filter taskers on the next screen by date and intensity.

    Users are able to sort taskers by price, percentage of positive reviews, or number of assignments completed. Or they will first see the suggested taskers.

    The Consumption

    Thumbtack taskers generate value by publishing their accessibility, while customers use this value by recruiting taskers for a job.

    If you build an app similar to Thumbtack, you should bear in mind that outside of the app, in real life, the making of services enabled by such apps occurs. When a client encounters a tasker they encountered on Thumbtack, they could leave the network and connect in person, thus preventing the payment from being cut by the platform. And how does it continue to make money for Thumbtack?

    • Reputation

    The majority of Thumbtack professionals use the programme as their primary revenue source. They need a steady client flow. By helping them create a reputation on the website, Thumbtack helps professionals get clients. The higher their prestige, the more cash they can charge for their services. Only when transactions are conducted on the network will professionals obtain ratings and feedback. For Thumbtack, this reward works.

    • Safe Transactions

    The platform is designed so that neither buyers nor professionals are at risk of losing their cash. They are paid for this service after a customer has requested a service from a tasker. But the tasker only collects payment after the job is fully completed. This feature allows individuals to continue with Thumbtack because they do not have to think about payment.


    In order to create an app like Thumbtack, core interaction is a top consideration you need to think about. In order to obtain the value they are for, it determines the user flow from registration. When it comes to building a platform like Thumbtack, it is fundamental. But it will become much simpler to create a P2P platform if you consider these four processes: creation, curation, customization and consumption.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for building an app like ThumbTack (FAQs)

    Que. How should I recognize suitable developers for my App?

    Ans. You should look for people who can understand your vision and are willing to work according to your needs and have a good record. You can start by searching for development experts in your local area if not, you can also reach out to developers online, discuss your idea, and get a quote!

    Que. How can I develop an app like ThumbTack?

    Ans.  To make a clone of the ThumbTack app, the procedure to follow will need you to get in contact with mobile app development firms who understand the on-demand home service industry inside out to help you completely understand the features list and the required software stack. Then you can start developing your app!

    Que. How do apps like ThumbTack make money?

    Ans. Some methods used by such apps are Commission Fee, Trust and Support fee , Advertising charges and peak pricing.

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