How To Create An Uber For Maids App in 2024

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How To Create An Uber For Maids App in 2024

Last Updated on July 6, 2024

Anything and literally everything can now be ordered online nowadays. So why not create an app that provides maid services? If you work in the cleaning industry and want to develop and refine your marketing campaign, you should create an app. After a party or in an emergency, Uber for maids will be the fastest way to clean your home. Uber for maids app is one of the top home services business ideas today.

Having your own app is beneficial to your company’s standing. It also saves a lot of time for the customers. And, believe it or not, advertising your company on AppStore or GooglePlay is extremely successful., for example, has over 10,000 users. It provides a range of services that clients can order from the app in just a few clicks.

Businessmen, working mothers, single-parent families, the elderly, and everyone else who can afford it often hire professionals to clean their homes so they can spend their free time doing things they enjoy.

It’s no surprise that software for the house-cleaning industry has already disrupted the gig economy, given the growing trend of ordering services on demand. The demand for digital platforms for maids will continue to rise in the coming years, thanks to the rise in self-employment and freelance jobs. According to statistics, the home care market is forecasted to reach 225 billion dollars in valuation by 2024 from a 100 billion dollars valuation in 2016.

How do you make an Uber for Maids app? Read the complete guide! But first,

Why Should You Get An Uber-Like App For Maids?

  1. Industry Stats 

What do we already know about cleaning services that are available on-demand? Here are some interesting facts and figures:

  • In the United States alone, more than 3 million workers work in the cleaning industry.
  • In 2018, the overall revenue of the home services sector was projected to be more than $280 billion, with a forecast of $1,200 billion by 2026.
  • In 2019, the on-demand gig economy is home to 23 of the 310 unicorn startups (companies valued at $1 billion).
  • According to Harvard Business Review, more than 22.4 million people use on-demand services each year, and the figure is constantly increasing.
  • The typical on-demand cleaning service customer is a millennial (aged 30 to 54), male or female, with a 4-year degree or more, couples that are full-time employees, or single professionals living in the suburbs and earning $50,000 or more per year.
  • The commercial sector (55%) is the most common source of cleaning service requests, followed by the industrial (30%) and residential (15%) industries.


    With Customized On-Demand Solutions by OyeLabs
    1. Common Benefits

    There are numerous advantages to using a maid on-demand booking mobile app for your company, including the ability to reach a larger audience by extending your network and making the services you provide available to a larger audience in a given area or city.

    All of this is accomplished by simply creating a profile in which you define the types of services you provide, as well as the fees and areas in which the service will be delivered. When you’re done, the app will link you with potential customers and home-service providers.

    You will almost certainly receive great reviews from your customers if you meet their needs, which will help you grow your company and increase your exposure to potential clients. The app also helps users to share their interactions with customers and with home-service professionals, which can be very useful. As a result, it is obvious that there are many advantages of using such an app, and all you have to do is start using it and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

    Here is an overview of the article:


    Uber For Maids Business Model Canvas

    1. Business Model For Uber for Maids App
      • Curating Model

    In this model, the app includes a list of skilled and experienced home-service providers in the region. Individual professionals may list themselves under a particular category of household services in this section. 

    Typically, this app serves as a consumer reference guide, including all relevant information such as the variety of facilities available, the equipment used, procedures, ratings, and feedback of professionals.

    • On-Demand Model

    This model is appropriate for those who own and operate a home-service company, such as a laundry service or a house cleaning service. They will be able to boost their company and improve the overall experience of their competent customer service by providing an app for their services. 

    Developing a personalized maid on-demand app will assist them in expanding their businesses and effectively managing all service requests through real-time monitoring from a mobile app.

    • Online Marketplace

    You can launch your own marketplace for services and provide best-in-class home services to their customers using this business model of on-demand maid booking mobile solution by linking them with qualified and background-checked home-service professionals. 

    By creating two separate applications, the entrepreneurs establish a marketplace for maids and customers. Customers can employ maids based on their fees, ratings, and feedback left by previous customers.

    1. Revenue Model For Uber for Maids App

    Uber for maids like apps can use about 4 different methods to earn revenues. They are: 

    • Commission

    Customers pay a set fee when they book services via the app network. In the form of commission, the App charges the service provider a percentage of the overall price of the service.

    App receives separate commissions from each vendor or serviceman depending on their work. As a result, the more work they do, the more money they earn from home services.

    Commissions could comfortably account for 85-90 percent of the company’s total revenue.

    • Lead Generation

    Lead generation is also a profitable endeavor. However, charging a fee is the primary source of revenue for such applications.

    The customer defines his or her requirements during lead generation. As a result, the customer can either contact the professionals listed above or they can contact the customer.

    In this way, apps like Uber for Maids provide leads to servicemen who provide a particular service for customers. Such apps will charge servicemen for lead generation in this way.

    • Reverse Auction

    A service provider that uses the app can pay a set fee to promote their services through the app. The app team assists service providers with lead generation and conversions in return for this money. It’s similar to a reverse auction. Customers are not explicitly booking the service using this form. Instead, they focus on their understanding of the process. A specialist must pay a fee to accept the submission.

    • Advertisements

    Aside from the above-mentioned methods of making money, there is another way to make more money: advertising. In return for advertising fees, businesses, suppliers, and utilities use the app to run their advertisements.

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    Feature of an Uber for Maids App

    1. For The User Panel
    • A live maid finder – They can see a list of available maids within a certain radius of their area.
    • Scheduling & Cancellation – Users can schedule and cancel their maid services on a set date and time with no hassle. They can also cancel it if it is convenient for them.
    • Easy payment processing – Customers can pay for the maid services they want using debit cards, credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, or cash.
    • A rating and review system – In the integrated review and feedback system, users can rate the quality of the maids’ services on a scale of 1-5.
    • Tracking – Customers will watch the cleaning service professionals’ movements in real time before they arrive at their destination.
    • Instant alerts – All of the most recent updates, such as confirmation of cleaning service bookings, maids’ current location, discounts, and deals, are sent directly to users through push notifications, SMS, and email.
    • A live chat option – Customers can communicate with cleaning service providers via a real-time chat option that includes voice and video calling capabilities.
    • Rapid invoice generation – after the services the servants offer are completed, digital receipts are generated for the users. This removes the need for cumbersome documentation.
    1. For The Maid App
    • Flexible acceptance or rejection of service applications – the maid is fully free to accept or deny the customer’s request for cleaning services. If they are not available, they can share a relevant reason.
    • Access to detailed returns reports – you can view your overall income over a period like (commission, bonuses and tips).
    • Easy rate setting – Cleaning professionals are able to set their own costs by specifying an hourly or daily rate following registration on the Uber for maids service app. Depending on the service type and distance to be covered it can be increased.
    • See all your reservations – the details of previous, ongoing and future reservations will be presented to the maids in real-time. It helps to manage your busy schedule efficiently.
    • Withdraw your income – Cleaning providers can withdraw their income by linking their own personal bank account or a digital wallet without any restraint.
    • Fast resolution of disputes – The maids can file complaints against the users to an admin to resolve them promptly in the case of poor treatment or violence or abuse.
    • A real-time chat option – Cleaners can communicate directly with customers via live chat facilities.
    • Mechanism for route optimisation – The maids will be able to reach their user location soon via the route navigation option. This improves customer satisfaction and improves confidence.
    1. For The Admin Dashboard
    • Real-time monitoring of the business – The admin monitors app’s operational performance for home cleaning applications with a bird’s eye view. Financial information like income, costs, profit and cash flow is available to you.
    • Allow requests for cleaning services – The administrator is responsible for assigning maid service requests to the cleaning professionals located nearby. You can divide applications into various areas or zones.
    • Effectively manage marketing campaigns – The administrator ensures that the on demand maid service app has maximum promotion across different communication channels. The cleaning services professionals’ advantages will be widely circulated.
    • Respond to customer complaints – In the event of negligence or sub-standard services, the admin will take immediate action. This makes the shoppers more satisfied. Poorly rated maids will be removed from the cleaning service on-demand app later.
    • Add new features – The Admin lists the app’s new features and services to improve the company outlook.
    • Regular disbursements of funds – by lending money to your bank accounts and e-wallets they make frequent payments to maids

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    Technology Stack For An Uber For Maids App

    • Data and Application- jQueryPython, Node.js, React, NGINX, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB,Redis ,EC2, Kafka,Swift,Go, Objective-C, Backbone.js,Cassandra, Spark is an Apache project,Hadoop,Apache Thrift, RIBs,AresDB.
    • Utilities– Google Analytics,Elasticsearch,PayPal,Twilio SendGrid, Twilio, Mixpanel,Optimizely,TensorFlow,Crazy Egg,Heap,Braintree,HackerOne,Ludwig.
    • DevOps- Grafana,Terraform,Sentry,RequireJS,Prometheus,Puppet Labs,Nagios,Zookeeper,Graphite,Jaeger,Brunch,uberalls,M3,Zap,Kraken by Uber,Makisu, Peloton.
    • Business Tools-G Suite, Asana, Zendesk, Mattermost, OneLogin, iDoneThis, Delighted.

    Uber For Maids App Development Cost 

    A housecleaning on-demand app development with this functionality can take 900 – 1400 hours and cost between $30,000 and $50,000. This is an approximate estimate.

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    Q1) What are some platforms that offer on-demand maid services?

    A1) Some apps that offer maid services are Launch27, Gorilla Desk, ZenMaid Software and CleanSweep among others.

    Q2) How do I find the most suited developers for building my app?

    A2) You should look for someone who understands your vision and is willing to work according to your needs with a good record. You can start by looking for experienced developers in your local area or you can reach out to developers online to get a quote!

    Q3) How do such apps make money?

    A3) The various sources of income for such apps are Commission fee, trust and support fee, peak pricing and Advertising charges.

    Q4) Who gets to keep the code after development?

    A4) Since you are the owner of the app ,you get to keep the finished product in all its entirety . However, you will need experts at the back ensure your app runs smoothly.


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