How To Build Laundry App Like Cleanly – On-Demand Lawncare Business

Build Laundry App like Cleanly
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How To Build Laundry App Like Cleanly – On-Demand Lawncare Business

Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Know why people use an on-demand application? On-demand online laundry applications, such as Cleanly or Rinse? With the increasing availability and a busy lifestyle, people prefer to do things via an app. We have found a report by Grand View Research, a company with accurate analysis and market information. It states that in 2019 the market size of the global dry cleaning and washing services was estimated at USD 60.88 billion, and the annual growth is expected to be 3.4 percent between 2020 and 2027.

One of our Saudi Arabia customers came up with an idea, after realizing the potential of on-demand laundry services in his country and town.

The idea of developing on-demand washing apps. The idea was to develop a washing application called Cleanly which brings washing and dry cleaning to the door. After the project has been successfully finished, we have realized our development expertise and developed Android and iOS based mobile applications to support laundry service providers that plan to connect to their businesses.

So, What Is Cleanly?

On average, one person spends about 10 hours washing his clothes every month. Individuals can use the app, such as Cleanly, to save time and solve these problems with just a few taps.

In a matter of 24 hours, the users can schedule a time and the laundry service providers can pick up, wash, fold and return the items. This even makes it easy for users to automate the chain according to the logistics while they remain in the competition.

Many types of home services apps are becoming popular recently, such as on-demand laundry, dog-walking, volunteer commitments, and more. The main aim is to offer time-saving and hassle-free delivery features.

It’s extremely easy to work around, the best thing about being Cleanly.

Benefits Of An App Like Cleanly?

  • Benefits For The Consumers

By tapping several buttons on a smartphone, you’ll make a nice night with your favorite movie and not your favorite pants and an unpleasant task. The full cycle approach of laundry companies on request allows customers to book and pay for cleaning their clothes. 

Additional options for apps for dry cleaners and other laundry services include a variety of scents or free chemical cleaning to ensure that people get exactly what they want.

  • Benefits For The Laundry Businesses

For traditional laundries, the construction of an app means increasing the visibility of the brand and the growth of customer base, leading to greater sales. Applications, however, also help optimise business processes. 

You can allow your application to streamline all these processes instead of manually filling in customer data, label orders, and establish schedules and paths for the collection of dirty laundry and clean laundry.

  • Benefits For The Laundry Aggregators

Creating an application for laundry businesses is a great opportunity for big business to try out their hand. The main benefit of laundry aggregators is that the company owners do not have to invest in the purchase and rent of laundry equipment. In order to serve their purpose and create an app that brings laundry suppliers together in one place, companies can simply negotiate with local laundries. 

A startup can therefore invest more money to promote its brand, monitor customer feedback, and enhance the app to meet customer requirements.

steps to Build Laundry App

How To Build Laundry App Like Cleanly?

  • Step 1 — Project Planning

After you get the idea, the first step to do anything new is to plan. You must work on the details once you have thought of an idea, you must answer some questions like:

  • What is the aim of the app?
  • In your app, what kind of features do you want?
  • What can you do better than your competitors, who are they?
  • What are the unique features in your app?
  • Step 2 — Financial Budget Planning

You can plan your budget now that you have a better understanding of your requirements. You have to align your budget to your needs. You will have a lower budget if you require a simple app with just the necessary features. The budget is greater if you need a unique app with advanced features.

We can give you a free quote if you need to know how much money you should spend on your project. Contact us and let us know something about your project.

  • Step 3 — Deciding The Project’s Scope

The next step is to create a project scope after determining your requirements and budget. You have to plan how much money and resources you allot from app development to deployment. You need to hire one of the best mobile development companies with experience developing these apps so that you don’t encounter any long-term problems. All formalities such as the NDA for the mobile app idea and terms and conditions will then be discussed.

  • Step 4 — The Development

The app development company, like ours, appoints experienced application developers and designers. By following best design practices, app designers create mock-ups and prototypes and get their approval from you. The developers then develop the app according to your needs.

Our Quality Assurance team monitors and fixes any bugs in the app. Our team has developed many100% bug-free final products that run smoothly on all platforms and devices.

  • Step 5 — Deployment Of The App

The last step is to deploy the application on platforms such as the Apple App Store and Google Play. Before deploying the app, we will submit all the data and documentation. In fact, if you want us to, we take care of all the formalities required by the app market.

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Cleanly Like Laundry Delivery App Features list

Must-Have Features In Your Cleanly Like Laundry Delivery App

You have to understand that not one app is present before you jump into features. The whole solution consists of different components. 

Your online laundry app will have four components if you’re an aggregator: the customer/user app, Laundry Owner app, driver app, and admin panel. 

While if you own a laundry, you may only need 3 components by combining the functionality of the laundry owner app in the admin panel. 

It’s up to your needs.

The Customer’s App

  • Search

This enables users to look for any laundry or dry cleaning service in the vicinity. You only have to enter the laundry name and determine whether or not the laundry is available. If you need voice search, you can integrate it too.

  • Filters

The filters help the user search for washing facilities that are appropriate to his needs. The app must have integrated filters such as Distance From Me (3km to 8 km), Desired Services (Ironing, Dry Clean, Detergent Wash, Petrol Wash) (Express or Standard Delivery).

  • Pickup And Delivery Schedule

The customer can choose the time and address for clothing collection and delivery. We have integrated features in EasyClean so that users can also choose to collect the clothes themselves and/or get them delivered.

  • Track Driver

This feature uses GPS and helps users track the driver who comes to the customer or the laundry shop for the clothing.

  • Order history

This feature is used to track the individual customers’ orders. You can find the rates, type of service, number and type of clothing.

The Driver’s App

  • Manage Orders

This screen displays all driver orders active and incoming. Based on its availability the driver can decide to accept or refuse any order.

  • Route Tracking

The driver begins his trip when he receives an address to collect or deliver clothes. Using this app, they can view the map and track their path.

  • Earning Management

This feature helps the driver record the amount of money that the app has earned.

The Laundry Business Order’s App

  • Laundry Details

The washing owner must include his/her information such as the name of the cloth, working hours, address, type of services he/she offers, the rate for every clothing service, etc.

  • Order Details

The laundry must have access to the customer’s order information. Details range from type of clothes to clothes numbers and the addresses of billing.

  • Track Drivers

The app also has the option of following the driver when he is on the way to order. This helps you to see whether the drivers are reaching the wrong place.

  • Manage Earnings

The owners can keep track of their income in the app itself with this feature.

The Main Admin Panel

  • Order Management

This function allows the administrator to record all orders placed by customers. If one driver refuses to give these orders to another driver.

  • Driver Management

All driver information is available to the admin. Before accepting your profile request, the admin checks the driver’s details.

  • Laundry Management

Like drivers, the laundry information admin has access to it. The administrator can send any message to any washing owner to send something.

  • Earnings Management

The administrator can manage drivers’ and washing stations’ earnings. He can take his commission and determine which driver and washing station gets how much of the total amount.

Technology Stack For A Laundry Services App

  • Push Notifications – Twilio,,SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Navigation – Google Map 

Wrapping Up

On-demand apps are, of course, the future. On-demand home services market has a commendable growth in the economy and laundry applications are a major component of this economy. Many successful home services startups have come up over the covid period and continue to grow due to the immense scope of the market.

As growth increases, competition increases, so you have to find the best way to succeed. The uniqueness and the user-friendliness of your app are important for having the edge. So, it is important to choose the right on-demand app development company to build your home services app. 

How you develop your laundry app will have an important role to play in your market capability, but it’s not where it ends. Your app also requires good marketing and promotion to reach the people you want.

Frequently Asked Questions To Build Laundry App (FAQs)

Q-Where does Cleanly provide its services?

A. Cleanly offers Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad.

Q-What makes Cleanly unique?

A. Cleanly is known to be one of the best due to their business fundamentals, quality of cleaning, and timely delivery. 

Q- What are some risk factors for On-demand Laundry business?

A. -High utility bills
-Equipment malfunctions
-Low margin Business
-Shortage of skilled labour
-low customer retention

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