Best Same Day Delivery Apps of 2024 & Their Models

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Best Same Day Delivery Apps of 2024 & Their Models

Last Updated on December 4, 2023

The on-demand economy has become the face of modern commerce, and with each passing day, it grows and becomes more and more refined. The on-demand economy has had a lot of success in recent years, and this is thanks to the technology boom that complemented this new trend well from the beginning. Now, E-commerce has become synonymous with convenience and comfort. Users have more choices than ever, and no need to browse wide spaces with confusion amongst the crowd. Just by browsing their smart devices, users can choose and order whatever they wish for, and within a specific time frame, the object of their desire will arrive at their doorsteps. That level of comfort seems to be suiting modern consumers just fine, but that hasn’t stopped this economy model from further evolution. The same day delivery apps concept has made things even more dynamic than before, and users are welcoming that with open arms. According to a survey, more than half of the retailers offer same-day delivery and 49% of consumers state that same-day delivery makes it more likely for them to shop online.

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In this article, we’ll be discussing everything about the same- day delivery facet of the On-demand economy, and some of the biggest names attached to this new offering that the On-demand economy has brought to its users. But, before we do that, let’s understand the On-demand Economy a little better.

What is On-demand Economy?

What is the On-Demand Economy?

The on-demand economy is the new face of business, and it has cultivated a whole new breed of shoppers. Compared to the traditional means of shopping, which was to go out and browse the malls, and stores of things, the On-demand Model lets users order anything they desire from the comfort of their own space and with their smart devices. Sounds familiar?

The on-demand economy aims to provide users access to their desired products and services by making an online marketplace available for them with the help of technological advancements, and allows them to shop (or sell) using these means. The on-demand economy brings Businesses and Buyers together with the help of an online marketplace, where people sell, and buy products and services. 

The main reason behind its rise is the amount of convenience and efficiency it provides to the consumers. It makes the buying of things simple and time- saving. Along with that, since the market is rushing to tap into the booming market, there are so many choices. Businesses want to make their products and services appealing, so there’s plenty of lucrative offerings that are a part of the current online scene. 

Like many temporary fads, the on-demand economy isn’t something that is going to go away. The on-demand model has changed rapidly over the years to be more appealing to its audience, and the results are apparent. This shift from traditional to on-demand suits the modern shopper well, and they can invest their time and effort in something else for a little bit of extra cost. It may be surprising for some, but mostly, everyone seems to be getting on board the on-demand train, albeit at their own pace.

Recently, a new facet of the on-demand economy has been getting popular. It has been catching the eye of many of the businesses that are starting to warm up to it.  Users certainly think that it’s a great idea, and that’s why it’s becoming popular amongst providers as well. 

It’s the one-day delivery system that has become part of many of the On-demand giants at the moment. What is it? Let’s find out! 

What is Same Day Delivery Model?

What do the words same-day delivery conjure up in your brain? It’s precisely that. 

Same- day delivery is, at the moment, the epitome of convenience for the people engaging in the On-demand economy. The same-day delivery model aims to cut the time of delivery on select items (for now at least) to a day or less, to give users instant gratification. Same- day delivery is the system that lets users of an e-commerce platform like Amazon select from and receive items that are available for same-day delivery. 

How does it work?

The same-day delivery model is quite simple if you give it a little thought. While using an e-commerce platform, whether it’s an app or a website, you can start by searching for the item that you’re looking to buy. Then, check to see if that particular item is available for same-day delivery. If so, you can place your order, and you’ll get your order within one day. 

The limitations of the Same- day delivery model at the moment include its positioning in select markets, as well as for select items. The same-day delivery model is popular in places where it is in use today, however for it to expand to the markets that are evolving to adapt the change right now will take some time. It is going to be interesting to see how this model will develop to cater to the more mainstream buyers. 

Another problem that this model has is the availability of items for same-day delivery. Although the Same day delivery concept has been around for a while now, there’s still a lot more scope for technological advancement and resource management to make same-day delivery possible for the enormous amount of items that are available in the online market. 

Why Same-Day Delivery after all?

The on-demand economy has evolved to a point where the meaning of instant gratification has changed considerably. When it all started, people ordered something and waited for it to come to their doorsteps. Sometimes it took two days, three, a week, or sometimes even more. A lot of factors were involved. The On-demand model was testing the waters. 

However, with time, businesses have realized that people are willing to engage more if the time frame is shorter on the delivery side. Same day delivery is more convenient for the users, as they save a considerable amount of time. Plus, since the companies offering same-day deliveries are well-established in their respective Industries, the willingness to try the service has been tremendous. 

However, there’s still a lot more scope for growth in this particular facet of the on-demand economy. One can only watch for the direction it will take in the coming times. 


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    There are plenty of apps today which have embraced same-day delivery to engage their users in a better way.

    Let’s have a look at some of the most popular same day delivery apps

    1. Amazon 

    Amazon is a big name in E-commerce, and it is no wonder they’re one of the leading players in the game. Amazon offers same-day delivery to its consumers, for up to three million items, in select areas. Amazon runs its system efficiently, and that’s apparent in the number of people who use Amazon’s same-day delivery offers. 

    How it works with Amazon is simple

    • Firstly, users go to the Amazon store on their app or the website and browse for items that have the same day delivery option. 
    • Items that are not for same-day delivery are not eligible. When making the order, users need to compile an order of more than $35 worth of eligible items (with Prime membership) to avail the same day delivery. 
    • At the checkout, users can select the delivery option. 

    Amazon has provided this service since 2019 in a select area and has had good results. For people who have a Prime membership, enjoy free same-day delivery on orders that are above $35. Those who do not have a prime membership need to pay $12.99 per item to enjoy same-day delivery. Prime membership for users is available at $12.99 every month. The charges for the whole year are $119.For students, the membership is available at $6.49 per month. 

    2. Taskrabbit

    Taskrabbit is an online and mobile marketplace, which enables people to connect with local freelance labor to get their everyday tasks including, delivery, moving, cleaning, handyman work, and more, completed quickly and conveniently. 

    TaskRabbit is reasonably new to the same-day delivery model and has been doing things the traditional way before that. People could list their needs on the platform, and taskers would bid, and eventually, after much deliberation, the task would get done. It was a well-made model, but recently, Taskrabbit decided to dynamize the process to bring more to the table for its users, as well as professionals. The company’s decision to tap into the growing same-day delivery model has not been in vain. 

    The same-day delivery for TaskRabbit works much like any other platform. All you have to do is search for taskers available for work at the time.  Then, describe what it is that you want to take care of, and select the tasker with whom you’d like to entrust your task. It is as easy as that. Within a few hours, your tasker will complete it, and you can thank Taskrabbit and your tasker for instant action on your requirements.

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    3. Walmart 

    Walmart is a household name in the US and is one of the most popular retail corporations, providing their services multinationally. With the rise of the On-demand economy, Walmart has also decided to get into the arena with its new offerings to its users. 

    If you haven’t heard about Walmart’s same-day delivery for its products, it’s because the decision to step into that is pretty recent. The company recently unveiled its plans to launch “Walmart+” its new membership service. The Walmart+ membership will be available to people, starting September 15th, 2020. 

    Walmart+ is Walmart’s ambitious step towards the On-demand arena, and it’s competing against Amazon’s Amazon Prime offerings of the same nature. For now, this step will include up to 4,700 Walmart Stores, including 2,700 stores offering delivery. The same-day delivery will come with grocery delivery, along with thousands of other items. The membership’s other benefits will include fuel discounts, access to a new Scan & Go service allowing check out at Walmart stores, without the need to stand in line. The service will cost users $98 per year after a 15-day free trial period. You can also opt for month-to-month membership at $12.95.

    4. DoorDash 

    DoorDash is an On-demand prepared food delivery service, currently operating in the US, Canada, and Australia. It is the largest third-party delivery service in the USA and is a popular choice amongst users. DoorDash has grown a lot over the years since its inception in 2013. 

    DoorDash recently opened up its online convenience store Dashmart and has also ventured into On-demand Grocery delivery. The company also offers same-day delivery, all thanks to its partnership with CVS, an American retail corporation. DoorDash Business Model offers same-day delivery for more than 3,000 products that include groceries, non-prescription medicines, household items, etc.

    Doordash is the first choice of people who don’t want to go out to eat or don’t want to make some at home. There are a significant number of restaurants listed on the platform, and it has been doing considerably well. But, DoorDash saw the opportunity with expanding its offering and adding same-day delivery to engage the people who want instant gratification. With this, customers don’t need to reserve a time slot or pre-schedule deliveries. Right now, this service is available in Dallas, Houston, New York, and Philadelphia, and DoorDash has plans to expand to Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Boston.

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    These are some of the most popular apps and services that offer same-day delivery to their users. There are plenty of other apps users can use for same-day delivery such as Instacart, Shipt, Pick, Swiggy, Grofers, Zoppers, and 1mg, among several others.


    The on-demand economy is on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down, even during this pandemic. People love and appreciate the convenience and efficiency that it brings to the table, and that’s why the support for it across Industries has been so positive.

    The same-day delivery is a blessing for people, cutting the time of delivery to the minimum, without compromising. It is getting popular and propagating across industries from groceries, and other household items, to medicine, and so on. Same-day delivery brings with it the relief of not worrying about forgetting scheduling or getting stuck in emergencies without any way out. With time, the service is only getting better.

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