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Webull Clone

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Webull clone app to revolutionize the trading world. Our robust platform offers a secure, user-friendly gateway to the stock market industry. With advanced features and comprehensive libraries, it simplifies the online platform for investing in stocks and funds trading. Partner with us to elevate your venture and achieve unparalleled success in the fintech space.

Webull Clone script
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Webull Clone – Launch Your Digital Currency Exchange Platform

Do you know that the currently $3.21 valued online stock trading app market is all set to become a $4.03 industry by 2029? This shows how much potential the market has for aspiring entrepreneurs. Are you one of the entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the growing trend? Then our Webull clone is for you.

Webull clone by Oyelabs is a ready-to-launch online stock trading platform preloaded with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Our solution is 100% customizable and white-label, and you also get full ownership of the solution. We offer 30 days of free support and maintenance services which allows you to focus on your business rather than addressing the platform iterations.

Easy Transaction
Margin Trading
Webull Clone

Webull Clone Script

Version 1.1

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Features Integrated into Our Webull Clone

Basic Features

Real-Time Functional Widgets
Instant market insights with dynamic widgets for stocks, trends, and performance analysis.
Easy Transaction
Streamlined, hassle-free trading with quick payment processing and fund transfers.
Comprehensive overview of your portfolio, market movements, and personal trading statistics.
Match and Trade
Efficient order matching system ensuring swift trade execution and optimal pricing.
Webull Clone Advance Features

Advanced Features

Keep users informed with a curated stream of financial news, tailored to their interests and trading preferences.
Charting Tools
Users can analyze trends with advanced charting options, including technical indicators and historical data visualization.
Margin Trading
Users will be able to amplify their trading power with borrowed funds, increasing potential returns on investment.
OTC Trading
Trade securities directly with others, bypassing traditional exchanges for flexibility and discretion.

Security Features

Digital barriers that protect the trading ecosystem from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Two-Factor Authentication
An additional security layer requiring two distinct forms of identification before granting access.
Converts sensitive data into complex codes, ensuring only authorized users can decipher it.
Biometric Authentication
Uses unique physical traits, like fingerprints, for secure and personalized access control.
Webull Clone Security Features

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Add-Ons We Offer for the Webull Clone App

  • Multi-Lingual

    Break language barriers with a platform that supports multiple languages for global user accessibility.

  • Plus Membership

    Exclusive access to premium features, enhancing your trading experience and potential earnings.

  • In-App Wallet

    Allow users to manage funds effortlessly with an integrated wallet for quick deposits and withdrawals.

  • Invoice

    Offer users detailed invoices seamlessly, simplifying the financial aspects of trading.

  • Push Notifications

    Provide users with timely alerts on market changes, ensuring they never miss a trading opportunity.

  • Voice Commands

    Allow users to trade efficiently using voice commands, perfect for multitasking investors on the go.

Our Webull Clone is for Multiple Platforms

web portal

Web Portal

Our Webull clone app script can deliver a premium and credible online stock trading web platform loaded with key features.


Our Webull clone script can be used to develop a high-functioning, 100% customizable digital currency exchange app for iOS.


Craft a powerful investment app like Webull for Android using our clone that is high-functioning, and loaded with exciting features.

Client’s Reviews

Dobull (Webull Clone )

Alexa Jordan / COO

The Webull clone from Oyelabs is a marvel in fintech solutions. It's feature-rich, and intuitive, and mirrors the sophistication of leading trading platforms. Their ongoing support has been invaluable to our launch. A stellar product!
gobull (Webull Clone )

Rajeev Singh / Founder

Oyelabs' Webull clone has transformed our digital trading business. The platform's seamless operation and comprehensive features have greatly impressed us. Their customer service is top-tier, and always ready to assist.
Tobull (Webull Clone )

Emily Chen / CEO

Adopting the trading software by Oyelabs was a pivotal decision for our financial venture. The platform's robust features and user-centric design have significantly boosted our market presence. Exceptional service and product!

How Does Our Webull Clone Work?

User Registration


Users sign up, providing necessary details to establish a secure trading account, ensuring a safe and personalized trading environment.
property Listing

Profile Settings

Users customize their profiles to match their trading strategies and preferences, optimizing the platform's utility for their needs.
Search and Filter


Users deposit funds into their accounts using various secure methods, preparing their portfolios for trading activities.
Content Discovery

Market Research

Users access real-time data, newsfeeds, and charting tools to conduct thorough market analyses for informed decision-making.
Feature Addition


Users execute trades efficiently through a user-friendly interface, leveraging advanced features for accuracy and speed.
Deal Purchase

Investment Tracking

Users manage and review their portfolios with detailed dashboards, adapting their investment strategies to market changes.

Technologies Used In Our Webull Clone Platform


Development Process We Follow for Our Webull Clone

requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering

We start by understanding your needs, which encompass your preferred installation server, the ideal server location for your target audience, backup strategy, and more.
white label

White Labelling

In the next stage, our team will seamlessly integrate your brand logos, images, and theme color, ensuring a user-friendly and highly effective design.
Feature Addition

Feature Addition

Although we offer a ready-to-launch Webull clone, this phase is necessary to implement your preferred changes like custom feature addition in the trading app script.


We use a rigorous testing process to ensure that the solution is completely free of bugs and meets all of your business requirements before it is deployed on your requested servers.


With the green light from our quality analysts, we move on to the deployment process, ensuring your stock trading app is launched accurately and runs flawlessly.

Support & Maintenance

We offer support and maintenance services including technical and bug support to ensure that your online investment app continues to meet your business goals.

What Makes Our Online Trading Platform Better Than Others



Recognizing the value of time, our Webull clone prioritizes simplicity. Quick and easy access to user data prevents frustration and promotes seamless navigation, discouraging users from exploring alternatives.
high performance

High Performance

Eliminate the waiting game. Our Webull-like brokerage platform emphasizes swift performance, avoiding lengthy loading screens. The streamlined design ensures smooth and rapid functionality without compromising on data volume.


Say goodbye to lengthy development periods. Our ready-to-launch trading app script minimizes your wait, providing a robust solution promptly. Enjoy a 100% customization option without the extended timeline.

Top-Notch Security

In an era of escalating online threats, security is paramount. Our investment app like Webull prioritizes top-tier security, crucial for safeguarding personal, sensitive, or financial information stored within the application.

Online Stock Trading App Market – Statistics, Growth, and Trends

In 2023, the US stock market dominated with a 60% share of global stocks, reflecting its massive scale and influence. Concurrently, an impressive 61% of adults engaged in stock market investments, showcasing widespread financial participation. 

Webull, a leading trading platform, catered to this burgeoning interest, serving 20 million registered users worldwide, indicative of the growing reliance on digital solutions for investment and wealth management in a dynamic economic landscape.

mvp business plan

Why Choose Oyelabs for Your Webull Clone?

Support- Our team of experts offers technical support to our clients throughout the development process that covers any bugs, errors, or issues on the platform for a reasonable period after the launch of their online stock trading app.

Full Source Code- We ensure you get 100% ownership of the online investment platform by offering you the complete licensed source code.

Security- At Oyelabs our prime focus is security. We follow the best practices to ensure you, your target audience, your solution, and your business stay risk-free.

Transparency- Transparency fosters trust. We openly share our processes, values, and successes to build a strong, honest connection with our customers.

Client-Oriented- Our unwavering focus on your needs and satisfaction drives every decision we make. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to exceeding your expectations.

On-Time Delivery- We respect your time and promise on-time service, ensuring your projects are delivered as scheduled, with reliability and efficiency at the forefront of our commitment.

Secrecy- Your privacy is paramount. We uphold the strictest confidentiality standards, safeguarding your sensitive information and ensuring that your trust in us is always maintained.

Unleash Your Business’s True Potential,
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How will Oyelabs secure my complete ownership after I purchase the Webull Clone script?
Oyelabs will offer you the entire license-based source code after you buy the Webull Clone script.
Are there any support services offered by Oyelabs after I buy the solution like Webull?
Yes, Oyelabs offers support services to you when you buy our Online Stock Trading App clone for a reasonable period.
How can I be sure that you will not copy my business idea and sell it as a clone in the future?
Oyelabs keeps its clients on top of the priority list. That is why we have an NDA signing policy to safeguard your business idea.
Is this Online Stock Trading solution capable enough for a global audience?
Yes, we have integrated features like multiple-language support, and multi-payment modes, and the app is 100% customizable so you can integrate more features to make it capable for a global audience.
Does Oyelabs offer customization services for this Online Stock Trading App?
Yes, we do offer a custom feature integration service for this Online Stock Trading App.
Is this Webull clone script exclusively available at Oyelabs only?
Yes, Oyelabs is the exclusive owner of this Webull clone script and you can buy it from us only.